About Golden Garage Door Service - Wayne Garage Door Service  San Antonio, TX


Our staff takes tremendous pride in the work they do for home and business owners in San Antonio and the surrounding communities. Each has the self-discipline and motivation to take ownership of their results and to push themselves to always do better. Our fast response time, along with our high caliber of products and services, are unrivaled in this industry. Many local competitors try to imitate us, but it simply can’t be done.

Golden Garage Door Service San Antonio, TX 210-245-7020It isn’t always easy to know which garage door products and services are best to meet your needs. This is where the expert advice of our seasoned professionals comes into play. We buy our inventory from trusted suppliers to ensure that we have direct knowledge of how each piece operates. This also gives us the best pricing, which we are more than happy to pass along to our customers. Golden Garage Door Service represents all of the leading garage door manufacturers as well as all standard garage door sizes. If you can’t find what you need, just ask us to create a customized door for you.

At Golden Garage Door Service, we consider ourselves an ally to the home and business owners in our community. Our 24-hour availability means that we complete your repairs in a professional and timely manner. We understand that your garage door is likely to be the main point of entry to your home or business. Everyone suffers when that is limited due to a malfunction. When you call us, you can depend on qualified technicians arriving in a fully stocked service vehicle in less than an hour. We come prepared so we can complete the job in a single appointment.

Trusted Technicians

Our business would fail to thrive if it wasn’t for the trust that our customers place in us each day. We know that allowing a service professional access to the garage at your home or place of business isn’t an easy thing to do. However, people in this community know they can trust us because of the reputation we have built with others we have served before them. It often takes years to build this level of credibility and very little to destroy it. We know this and pledge not to let it happen.

In order to be employed by us, every repair and installation technician must have current trade qualifications with a widely recognized industry organization. We require active membership because we know that learning something in the past doesn’t mean that a technician can still perform the skills with the same level of accuracy. Additionally, new technology becomes available all the time that our employees must know for their jobs. After completing the work you requested, a service technician from Golden Garage Door Service will explain everything in detail to ensure you understand exactly what took place.

We are always happy to recommend upgrades to your current garage door system to increase your convenience and comfort. Making these changes also leaves you with a more attractive garage, which is important when it comes time to sell your property. Each recommendation is based on your specific needs and we then tailor our products and services to meet them.

Choosing Golden Garage Door Service

Every decision we make is driven by how we can better serve the customer. We have worked hard for many years to make sure that Golden Garage Door Service is the only name that comes to mind when people in San Antonio need garage door repair, installation, or add-on services. Our customers value the advice of our service technicians because they instinctively understand that they have only their best interests at heart.

You probably don’t think of it in these terms, but your garage door is really the first line of defense in protecting your vehicle and other assets. Another thing people don’t consider is the intricate nature of the typical garage door, whether it is residential or commercial. Each door contains multiple parts that work in direct cooperation with each other. When even a small part fails, it affects the operation of the entire door. Customized and industrial doors are particularly complex and therefore subject to periodic mechanical failure. This is the reason that Golden Garage Door Service chooses to be available to the people of San Antonio 24 hours a day, every day of the year.